Mar 14, 2022Liked by Jeff Matlow

Millennials might change jobs fast but Gen Z changes CAREERS & jobs even faster. An Australian study of 5000+ 18 to 29 year olds found they are likely to have 17 jobs AND 5 different careers. :)

And another reason some workers don't quit is fear (not something executives should boast about when referring to low-turnover.) Changing a job emotes the same level of stress as grieving the death of a close friend. Changing a job is scary. First you can get rejected and who needs that stress? Second, you have to meet a bunch of strangers (HR and hiring managers) who aren't always nice, prepared, or professional. Third, searching for a job adds more uncertainty to your already uncertain, unpredictable life. At least, you know your miserable job is miserable!

Unfortunately for the business and this employee's co-workers, not quitting is not a winning formula.

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